Follow our journey, where students become dancers, and dancers become artists... - artists of life!


Join Faubourg Theatre "Literacy Through the Arts" original program to open new horizons for children in the underserved communities!

Our Mission

To Transform Lives Through Arts and Education


Faubourg Theatre

isDEDI CATED to its Students, Families and Community through a full commitment to talent and creative freedom.

has been PRODUCING professional dancers for the US and international classical and contemporary ballet arenas

for over 25 years.

                is an AWARD WINNING school, working with award winning team of teachers, training award winning students.

            is COMMITTED to utilizing a targeted custom approach applied to each student, to achieve impeccable results within 4-6 weeks.

         empowers each individual VOICE, as much as any majority - develops confident individuals for every professional arena.

               SUPPORTS children with autism and children from the under-served layers of our society.

Faubourg Theatre has been dedicating resources towards the educational development and social enhancement of the lives of children in need. In collaboration with local authorities, businesses, and professionals, our the Faubourg Theatre Foundation has developed and extended an original, systematic approach – Literacy Through the Arts, to those children found in special need of support. The methodology utilized has proven successful over the years, per studies and testimonials of school officials and families involved. Faubourg Theatre is on a path of expanding the magnitude of its programs, incorporating a broader range of arts, applied with level of intensity necessary to create a tangible impact on heightening youth academic results measured against standard educational requirements.

We have made it possible for all, who are willing, to give a little and make a real difference in the lives of our most innocent members of society… To make a contribution to our community projects please make your DONATION today!

Behind The Scenes

Watmora Casey

Artistic Director

Laura Mudd

Program Director

Tatyana Mazur

Ballet Mistress

Rali Iordanova

Academy Director / Instructor / Choreographer

Kat Wildish

Master Instructor

Matteo Corbetta

Master Instructor

Caroline Baldwin

Instructor - Royal Danish Ballet

Sarah Daley

Instructor - Alvin Ailey

Michele Welsh

Admin, Marketing & Photography

Rigoberto Saura

Instructor & Chroeographer

Monica Nelson

Choreographer & Teaching Artist

Takako Konishi

Brian Welsh

IT & Videography

Our Values

Children express themselves through the language of the arts

The arts promote strength, resilience, and confidence

In encouragement, disciplined practice and personal accountability