The Free Forms Art Fusion Festival is open to any amateur artist who has interest in presenting their unique talent in front of an audience of contemporary youth, industry professionals, and art sponsors, foundations, and producers. The Festival is designed to take place in a theater stage setting with live audience in the form of a competition. There will be 3 panels of judges:

1. The Panel of Youth Representatives,

2. The Panel of Business & Donor Representatives, and

3. The Panel of the Professionals (dancers, musicians, singers, fashion designers, art producers, etc.)




Each solo or group participant entry will have a chance to present in the following categories:

1. Ballet & Fashion Art Fusion - in this category artists will design their own fashion costumes and present them in a ballet or contemporary choreography. The goal is to come up with creative fashion designs applicable to both the ballet/contemporary dance art and the street fashion;

2. Hip-Hop and Opera Art Fusion - in this category hip-hop and opera artists will collaborate in a mutual project to present an unique theatrical performance of up to 7 minutes long. The goal is to promote both forms of art, perceived to be standing on the opposite ends of the performing industry spectrum to a place where mainstream meets classical. Thus, we will be bridging centuries of art form, and cultural development and lifestyles. This category will be a celebration of unity in the human spirit and the timelessness of art, abolishing mental barriers between cultural backgrounds.

3. All Talent Live Show - in this category children will present their exceptional talent in a variety of areas. There will be no restrictions as to the art or athletic skill form presented. Areas will include music, singing, dancing, live sketching, theatre, athletics, hands on creativity, and any unique talent a participant or a group possesses, which does not fall in the previous two categories.




  1. Round 1: Application - Submit an Online Application Form here with a video presentation of their piece. Applicants must be amateur artists and not be earning a living through their art. Applications must be submitted no later than August 1st. Applications will be reviewed and a primary selection performed based on a quota of 90 performances.

  2. Round 2: Interview - Selected Applicants will have a scheduled zoom interview to determine suitability of intentions.

  3. Round 3: Final Selection - Based on the interview results, a final selection will be made. Selected Participants will receive an invitation email with a contract and a waiver to wet sign and return back to the Festival Administration via email. Participants must pay an entry fee as follows: Soloists $50, Duets $100, Trios $150, Ensembles of 4 or more participants $40 per participant. Upon receipt of signed contract and fees, an email will be issued with the Festival Program and detailed instructions

  4. Round 4: Festival Competition

  5. Round 5: Awards - Upon completion of the competition, we will hold an awards ceremony with prizes in the form of cash, gift cards, scholarships, and others. Placement will be determined by the 3 Panels of Judges mentioned above. In each category, 1st Places will be awarded $1,000 - $5,000 per the Panel of Judges instruction. Other special awards will be presented to 2nd and 3rd Places accordingly.




With this festival, Faubourg Theatre is hoping to unite the community into a new way of celebrating and promoting art. There will be an innovative collaboration between art categories, engagement of multi-facet voting groups, extending beyond the traditional professionals-only category. This event will be the beginning of our response in the battle against the increasing isolation in children and its, often detrimental, effects, caused not only by the latest COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the time-monopolizing virtual reality. We will engage children in active creativity, rather than a passive consumption of entertainment. We will promote a collaborative effort between different art industries, between children and their parents, friends, and families. The Free Art Fusion Forms October Festival will stimulate active creativity with hands on and in-person (virtual if required) presentation, allowing young minds to send out messages to the outside community through their art.



As humans have been created according  to our creator’s image, we have been commissioned to create from the very moment of existence. Art is the highest form of human mind manifestation, and its analytical patterns and expanse of imagination are an integral part of all scientific progress and a healthy mind.



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