Teachers, parents, children and Literacy through the Arts, re-imagine summer enrichment during the corona virus pandemic by focusing on re-connecting and engaging children and families through project based learning anchored through the book, Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table,  an inspiring, true story of a dream, possibilities and Community Gardening to feed the children, families and the community.  Through the e-learning platform, Seesaw, Zoom movement and experiential activity packets given to parents and children each week, families and children united around art, planting, composting, Zoom movement and reading to create new understandings of cultivating and growing a garden.




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Integrated classes combining both the arts and literacy

Beginner Hip-Hop | Ages 6-11

This co-ed class for ages 6-11 is the perfect start for any boy or girl interested in dance! Age appropriate urban dance fosters fun, coordination, and confidence. This class explores hip-hop music and movement styles, such as breaking, popping, and locking combined with modern flow. With an emphasis on personal expression, creative movement and hip hop are combined to encourage the dancer to develop their own style.



Musical Theater: Anansi the Spider | Ages 6-11

Musical Theatre classes are a fun-filled introduction to the world of dance within the theatre. This fall, our musical theatre class will feature a Ghanian folktale, the story of Anansi the Spider.  Dancers learn character development as they create puppets and dances representing the characters of the story. Each participant gets a copy of the book to take home! A culminating puppet and dance performance will celebrate the dancers’ character creations and dance.


Auditions for performance opportunities with Faubourg Theatre:

  • Nutcracker - December
  • Spirit Filled Christmas -  December
  • Hanover Park Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Village Friday, December 4th


Safety Procedures for Fall Classes 2020:

Literacy through the Arts


We look forward to welcoming everyone back to dance! Literacy through the Arts will begin Fall classes starting September 9th- October 30 at Heritage Park.  At the end of October, we will revisit whether or not classes will shift to the Faubourg Theatre Studio space at 1102 E. Lake Street. Safety is our top priority and we need everyone to join us in practicing our safety protocols with diligence so we can minimize the risk of anyone falling ill. Every person who participates must review and adhere to the protocols listed in this document.
At Heritage Park on Wednesdays and Fridays, please wear masks.  Water bottles and weather appropriate clothing are essential.  If it rains, we will meet under the picnic table roof, the pavilion.  If thunderstorms are forecast, anticipate an email or Seesaw update for class cancellation by 1:00pm.  
Dancer Supplies Required:
  • Mask (must be worn at all times, including while dancing)
  • Water bottle
  • Sanitary wipes (if you have access to them)*
  • Hand sanitizer (if you have access to it)*
Literacy through the Arts will provide hand sanitizer at the park, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own. Primary Practices with Literacy through the Arts (must be followed at all times):
  • Wear a mask at all times (nose and mouth must be covered completely)
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 ft. from others at all times
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds
  • Clean all surfaces you come in contact with in the studio after your class
  • STAY HOME if you feel any symptoms (even mildly) or are feeling ill
  • Building monitors will be present at the entry/exit ways for assistance and safety


Parent/Guardian Commitment

  • Commit to the entire session 8 weeks, Sept. 9th - Oct. 30th Families should expect to attend every class for three reasons: to fully benefit from the experience, be prepared for all performances, and to ensure safety by controlling class sizes indoors.
  • Commit to attend Zoom parent meetings once per month (Sept. - Oct.). First meeting - Thursday Sept. 3rd, 6:30pm. Look for Zoom link in your email or Seesaw 
  •  Prepare your dancer for success - Arrive on time, bring your mask, water bottle and a smile.  Remember dancer attire – black stretch pants or shorts and a clean white or solid color shirt with no print.  These details model organization and preparedness; life skills they develop now.
  • Support your dancer by engaging in conversation, listening, reading, and or storytelling.  Be responsive to their feelings, ideas and suggestions during the week.


Volunteer Ideas

  • Read or tell a story to the children while in the park.
  • Be a Parent liaison to inform and organize other parents for recitals, auditions, transportation.
  • Participate at a Thursday evening School Board Meeting @ 7:00 at Spring Wood Junior High School to share what children are doing in Literacy through the Arts classes.



At the Studio - 1102 E. Lake St., Hanover Park

(across from Caputo’s)

Once at the Studio, possibly in November, we will ask for prompt drop off and pick up of dancers and from lingering before or after classes. Rides must be arranged ahead of time to avoid “hanging out” at the Studio.
Please keep in mind that PPE supplies are limited and can impact our ability to stay open. We ask that if at any time you can provide your own wipes and hand sanitizer that you do so, AND if you have extra and would like to share with us, we would appreciate it.
 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
 Arriving At Classes:
  • Please do not attend class if you are sick or are experiencing any symptoms (even mildly).
  • Please use the bathrooms at home and wash your hands before coming to class. If necessary, of course, bathrooms are available.
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 6ft from others at all times.
  • Arrive at the studio dressed and ready to dance. Please avoid complete wardrobe changes while in the Studio.
  • Wear a mask from the moment you step out of the car until you return the car. Mask must be worn at all times and while dancing. Nose and mouth must be covered.
  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken every time you arrive at the Studio.
  • Go directly to the studio and do not go through the other studio spaces.
  • Upon entering the studio, apply hand sanitizer.
  • Parents: please arrive promptly to pick up your student and wear your mask.