Faubourg Theatre, in the context of its Community Programs, is part of a large coalition with the Habitat for Humanity, Keeneyville School District 20, The Tanglewood Greenbrook Homeowners Association, and the Hanover Park Village. Faubourg Theatre is thecommunity organization that serves as the catalyst to unearth hidden talent from the under-resourced children of diverse cultural backgrounds, who would benefit academically and behaviorally from our interactive Literacy Through The Arts program. Faubourg Theatre perpetually collaborates with teachers, social workers, and principals to identify individual children across grade levels to be invited into the programming. Our uniquely designed project-based learning program incorporates reading, writing, art, and performances. It is applied in small class setting to allow for personal attention tailored to each individual student's needs. After years of success in improvement of academic performance and behavioral patterns among children with social and economic challenges, we are looking at expanding the Literacy Through The Arts program to a larger number of under-resourced families, whose children often are left behind due to lack of financial resources and opportunities to develop their talent.

"The Love of a child is a true measure of one's worth" ― Anonymous




We provide highest quality literacy instruction, children's literature, mentoring, and professional development. With Faubourg Theatre original unique teaching methodology, we seek to enhance learning focus, motivation, and improved academic and behavioral results.

Over the past 7 years, Faubourg Theatre has been working in close collaboration and partnership with Keeneyville School District 20. We have made our programs available to a community, where 42% of families qualify for free or reduced lunch and where 60% of students are at below average reading levels.

  • Literacy Through The Arts – Afterschool Program for the under-served children. Designed in collaboration with the Erikson Institute and implemented by Faubourg Theatre into the educational system of Keeneyville School District 20.
  • Bilingual Summer Program – Designed and implemented by Faubourg Theatre to counteract the summer slide.

The two programs use various art forms as a stimulus to proactive voice and creative thinking, paired up with academic instruction in reading, math and social sciences. The methodology is primarily targeted towards children from various backgrounds, with special circumstances, who are struggling academically, and are socially and behaviorally challenged. Through our motivational methods application, school authorities and parents have observed students achieve substantial academic and behavioral improvement. The children we serve are from families with sizable financial difficulties, which limit their ability to afford extracurricular activities for their children, including tutoring or behavioral counselling.

Our Community Programs give an opportunity to those under-resourced families to uncover and develop their children's unique potential. We are looking at expanding the program through increasing affordability of instruction, as well as reach out geographical expansion to low-income children who are in dire need for structured approach to improving their academic performance and social integration, utilizing the arts as a medium for building self-confidence and sense of achievement.

The average annual cost per student is at $7,000. 90% of the LTA operations are financed by external donations, grants, voluntary work, and fundraisers.

Performing Arts Training

We provide highly qualified art instructors teaching co-ordination, discipline, musicality, and stimulating imagination. We promote freedom of expression within a defined structure and timing format, thus strengthening character, confidence, and mind liberation. Faubourg Theatre's Performing Arts Academy Training Program has been progressively developed over the past 30 years. As a ballet and contemporary arts school, we are recognized by the world ballet community as a center for professionalism, which develops highly skilled, disciplined, and capable artists for the professional dance theater arena. Our year-round training focuses on building strong fundamental technique, musicality, artistry, and uncompromised work ethic among our students. To unlock and develop potential, we focus primarily on motivation and conscious planning for the future, thus enabling our students to identify goals and measure achievement. To stimulate creativity, we allocate time for supervised, yet undirected improvisation, choreography opportunity, heart to heart talk and family engagement.

Faubourg Theatre provides a strict training regimen of 3-6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 46 weeks a year, with 2 weeks allocated  to intensive workshops. Under the Natural Pearl Community Program, we incorporate children from the under-served layers of society, who are unable to afford the training, and provide them with scholarships to allow their talent development, social integration, and emotional and behavioral well-being.

The average annual cost per student is at $8,500. 90% of Performing Arts operations are funded through external donations, grants, voluntary work, and fundraisers.


We integrate students of diverse cultural backgrounds and various dance arts training experiences in the production of exciting theater performances and festivals. We give children the chance to celebrate the fruits of their work and share their gift with audiences, performing under magnificent lights, with beautiful decor and beautiful costumes.

Faubourg Theatre holds two major performances each year - a Christmas Show and a Summer Show, as well as community festivities, cultural celebrations, performances for the elderly, in which children from various cultural backgrounds, social status, and training levels work together as one towards a common goal - to bring joy to their families and to celebrate their hard work. Performances bring incredible joy to dancers, a sense of accomplishment, a reward for their work and discipline, an empowerment as agents of celebrity to the community.

The average annual cost per student is $2,000. 90% of the Performances operations are funded by external donations, grants, voluntary work, and fundraisers.


We mentor and guide youth through social and emotional hardship. We motivate them to excel in education and planning for the future. We provide them with further education and career council, and facilitate work placement and community engagement. Annual cost per child - $2,800.

Youth Mentoring Program – Designed to engage youth in productive work, facilitate job placement and higher education related decisions.

  • Over the past 9 years, we have been able to actively assist the community youth with channeling their artistic talents, providing them with free performing arts training and space for creating their own performing groups, as well as opportunities to perform.
  • We have provided free mentoring to guide youth through their struggles and decisions for the future. We have provided them with jobs within our organization, as employees elsewhere, or as even young entrepreneurs. This way we help their self esteem and engage them in rewarding work as fully functional members of society. We bring hope for the future, based on joy in the present.

This program has been fully funded by Faubourg Theatre volunteers. It involves professionally trained instructors, studio space, temporary housing, stage time, mentoring time to guide them through planning and drive them to job interviews, helping them organize and market their own small entrepreneurship. We work in close collaboration with the Hanover Park Police Department and the Mayor of Hanover Park, IL to assist with crime prevention and resolution. In 2015, our director Mr. Watmora Casey was awarded the Hanover Park award “Humanitarian Of The Year” in honor of his and his organization’s social contribution to the community.

The average annual cost is $2,800 per individual. 100% of this operation has been funded by voluntary work and donations.


Fact Sheet: Literacy through the Arts Summer Enrichment and After-school Programs 
Information and Highlights: 
The after-school and summer programs offer children, literacy education through the arts. This school year, 40 district students participated in after-school programming at Greenbrook and Waterbury Elementary Schools and Spring Wood Middle School. 
55 Keeneyville District #20 students registered for the Literacy through the Arts, summer program, up from 25 children last year. 
District teachers and Faubourg Theatre teaching artists collaborate to create an integrated literacy-arts based summer and after-school enrichment curriculum aimed to increase reading comprehension, nurture social and emotional learning and engage parents. 
90% of students attended consistently throughout the summer. 92% of the families participated in at least one of the family events this summer. 100% of the district’s teachers returned to teach this summer. Children from the literacy program performed in the Faubourg Theatre Summer Show. 
The summer program culminated with a community picnic and dance performance by the children. 
The majority of summer program participants signed up for our after-school program. 
This year, the breadth and depth of our partnerships increased with Habitat for Humanity, The Hanover Park Village, First Eagle Bank, and other local banks, businesses, individuals, community organizations, and churches. 
Testimonial: “My child believes in herself. Since my daughter has participated in the program, her self confidence and willingness to participate has soared. She's like another kid.” 
Other highlights from this year include: Several advanced dancers in our pre-professional training program earned YAGP awards in classical and contemporary solos, including first place in classical, third place in contemporary, and top 10 in both classical and contemporary from YAGP Semi-finals in Chicago. 
Three new Board Members have been added to Faubourg Theatre’s Board of Directors. 
Please consider a contribution to: Faubourg Theatre, 1102 E. Lake St., Hanover Park, IL 60133 Attention: Laura Mudd 847-630-4425


Literacy through the Arts After-School Program

Faubourg Theatre collaborates with Keeneyville School District 20  to engage students who are struggling in school and/or at home in the Literacy Through the Arts After-School Program at Greenbrook Elementary School. The program is designed to provide a custom approach to improved academics and social interaction, utilizing the arts as a a roadmap to  a student's personality and potential.- Wednesdays 2:30-4:00

Literacy through the Arts Summer Enrichment Program

Faubourg Theatre collaborates with Keeneyville School District 20  to engage students who are struggling in school and/or at home in the Literacy Through the Arts Summer Enrichment Program. This collaboration includes community members, arts and educational organizations, and families to support students to maintain academic gains made during the school year, focusing on reading comprehension, math concepts, and social-emotional growth. The performing arts engage the children to express themselves and their ideas, bridging their development as thoughtful and creative thinkers.
For more information, click here for program details in the invitation letter and register for our program.



Faubourg Theatre + Caribbean Schools Arts Partnership

Our Artistic Director, Watmora Casey and Faubourg Theatre are committed to serving, when possible, the children and families of the Caribbean Islands through arts and education.
We approach this project in several different ways and from various directions.
1.  Tropical Storm Relief effort in Dos D'Ane Primary School, Dominica.
We provide books, school supplies and teacher professional development around linguistic validation and enrichment (Creole) through read alouds along with cultural dance rehearsals with the students since Oct. 2015
2.  Literacy / Arts Support in Saint Croix, USVI at Juanita Gardine Elementary School.
This is the elementary school Mr. Casey attended as a child and we have an ongoing partnership, supporting the students through school supplies, reading material and art supplies.
3. March 2017 / Staff Professional development arts and education.
Modeling Cultural and linguistic relevant read-aloud and dramatization with elementary school students. Cultural dance lesson with Faubourg Theatre instructor and The Caribbean Dance Company.

Literacy through the Arts Dance Performances

Faubourg Theatre organizes and produces winter and summer dance performances, the Evanston Presbyterian Senior Homes  Christmas Show, picnics and festivals. Students participate in the Hanover Park Tree Lighting Ceremony, Hanover Park Village Resource Fair, and more. Faubourg Theatre, with the help of our sponsors, provides free and discounted dance training, choreography, costumes, and tickets for under-resourced students and their families.






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