Faubourg Theatre Performing Company is conceptualized as a professional, touring, performing arts company, under the directorship of Watmora Casey and Rali Iordanova. The Company is commissioned with holding professional performances, charitable festivals, and voluntary work in support of communities in need. The Performing Company is a vehicle to promote the talent of young aspiring dance artists and fuel its power towards giving back to those in need – such as the under-served children, their families, the children with Autism, the victims of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, the adolescents facing social and emotional challenges. Faubourg Theatre Performing Company is dedicated to serving and bridging the community of the artists and the children in need.

Faubourg Theatre Performing Company opens the door to talents of various kinds – dance, music, poetry, pottery, graphic design, fine arts, sports, athletics, poetry, drama, street sports, crafts of any kind. We represent the culture of the youth today in one meaningful stage presentation, where adaptations of classical ballet, carried on through modern techniques, are now to expand into incorporating a vast scope of modern art, voicing contemporary youth’s mind, emotions, spirit, and creativity.

Faubourg Theatre is designed to operate as a project-based venture, where any fiscal surplus of each venue will be distributed among its members, communities in need, and societies that make a difference in our lives and humanity as a whole. We encourage our Company Members, who believe in Faubourg Theatre Performing Company’s cause, to promote the journey undertaken in each event, so that their work can be rewarded not only with publicity, but also financially and philanthropically. Faubourg Theatre Performing Company is here to engage the creative community of contemporary times and give it voice throughout the United States and Internationally.


  • Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Board – The Board decides on Season Repertoire, selects Production Venues, holds Castings, casts Roles, holds Rehearsals, directs each Production. The Members of Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Board are:
    • Watmora Casey - Artistic Director
    • Ralitza Iordanova - Company Production Director
    • Tatyana Mazur - Ballet Mistress & Casting Director
  • Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Cast Members
    • Primi – Principal Soloists – Lead soloists from any area of performance
    • Secondi – Demi Soloists – Second soloists, duets and trios from any area of performance
    • Corpo - Corps De Ballet – Group performers from any area of performance
  • Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Members Selection Process - Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Board will select its Performing Company Members at the beginning of each Year-Round Performing Arts Academy Program, according to Performing Company Member attendance commitment, area of performance and skill level. The selection process is as follows:
    1. Round I – Audition: Auditions to determine area and skill level are to be held in the Studio of Faubourg Theatre throughout the year, with the first date being September 1st. ONLINE AUDITION
    2. Round II – Interview: In-person interviews with performers, selected in Round I, is to be held by Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Board to determine suitability of character and aspirations. IN-PERSON AUDITION INTERVIEW
    3. Round III – Documentation and Fees: All required documentation needs to be signed and submitted, and fees paid by select applicants from Round II, in confirmation of their commitment to Faubourg Theatre Performing Company. CONTACT US
    4. Round IV – Acceptance: Acceptance Letter and Rehearsal Schedule will be sent. Schedule needs to be accepted by select Members from Round III, in confirmation of availability.



Full Disclosure of each Performance’s Costs and Proceeds will be available to Performing Arts Company Members within 15 days of each Performance completion.

Faubourg Theatre Company Member Fund

Performing Company Members will be paid for Company Performances, provided there is a Production Surplus to allow funds distribution. Company Members are encouraged to promote and fundraise for each event to help ensure Performances are Sold-Out and Production Surplus is achieved. Upon determination of each venue’s Production Costs and Proceeds, a 60% of the remaining Net Surplus will be allocated to the Faubourg Theatre Company Member Fund. Of the Company Member Fund, funds will be distributed among Company Members, as follows:


Faubourg Theatre Company Give-Back &

Re-investment Fund 

Upon determination of each venue’s Production Costs and Proceeds, a 40% of the remaining Net Surplus will be allocated Literacy Through The Arts, The Autism Movement Society, and charities towards research in the area of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.





  • Involuntary Release Stipulations: Faubourg Theatre Academy holds the right to take any Performing Company Member out of a dance piece, performance or the Performing Company overall, for repeated display of conduct deemed inappropriate under the Faubourg Theatre Academy Code of Conduct. Examples of such inappropriate behavior are speaking negatively, wearing inappropriate class attire, poor class or rehearsal attitude, poor attitude toward a teacher or adult, not putting full effort into rehearsal or warm-up, not counting and dancing on the sides, and not dancing giving their best effort, at all times. A dancer may also be pulled for simply not keeping up physically or mentally, or not knowing corrections or counts.
  • Involuntary Release Fees Stipulations: If a Performing Company Member is removed from a dance piece or the Performing Company overall, they will not be refunded any fees paid. If, for any reason, a Member is pulled out of the Performing Company, all costumes in their possession become due for an immediate return to Faubourg Theatre Wardrobe through the Faubourg Theatre Wardrobe Manager.
  • Voluntary Leave Fees Stipulations: If a Performing Company Member voluntarily withdraws from their Performing Company season commitment, for any reason, and at any point after registration and during the current performing season, any and all monies paid to Faubourg Theatre will not be refundable. At the point of this decision, all costumes in the Member’s possession become due for an immediate return to Faubourg Theatre Wardrobe through the Faubourg Theatre Wardrobe Manager.
  • Irremediable Voluntary Leave Fees Stipulations - In cases of injury, or irremediable circumstances, where the Performing Company Member has no alternative to voluntary leave, without compromising their personal or family safety, values, and interests, a Tuition credit will be issued to said Performing Company Member for future use per their own discretion, provided an Injury Doctor’s Note or Family Personal Note is submitted to Faubourg Theatre Performing Company Director and an official release is approved by Faubourg Theatre Academy Committee.
  • Proprietary Rights Stipulations: All costumes, choreography, music, pictures and video items are ultimately property of Faubourg Theatre Academy and may not, under any circumstances, be used outside of Faubourg Theatre Academy performances without Faubourg Theatre Academy Committee written permission release. This ruling applies to all Performing Company Members, whether active or not, and ownership of all creative material belongs indefinitely to Faubourg Theatre Academy. Inappropriate and unauthorized by the Committee use of any materials is not permissible.