Talent Discovery

We travel and search for undiscovered talent. We audition, evaluate, consult, and award scholarships. Annual cost - $2,500

Talent Nurture

We train and mentor 6 days a week, up to 8 hours a day to perfect technique, instill musicality and artistry, and promote confidence. Annual cost per student - $24,000


We motivate students by celebrating their work through theater performances, competitions, charity and community events participation. Annual cost per student - $2,000


The Pink Star Diamond Program is designed to discover and nurture emerging talent in the area of dance arts for beginner and intermediate students. Students from throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia have auditioned and applied for training with Faubourg Theatre. Faubourg Theatre needs your support to channel funds towards their tuition, travel expense, housing expense, competition fees, and performance expense. Beginner and intermediate students spend on average $21,000 a year on their dance training, performances, and community engagement.

Contributors will receive pictures, videos, and regular updates on the development and career progress of the children sponsored. This is a life altering opportunity for young aspiring artists and a little help can go a really long way!



Faubourg Theatre - Trinity Santoro, Age 10 - YAGP 2015

Faubourg Theatre, Elisabeth Welsh, Age 11 - YAGP 2016

Faubourg Theatre - Elisabeth Rose Welsh, Age 10 - YAGP 2015

Faubourg Theatre - Chippolino Excerpt

Faubourg Theatre - Grace Davidson, Age 11 - YAGP 2011

Faubourg Theatre - Anna-Julia Ignatov, Age 11 - YAGP 2012