Talent Discovery

We travel and search for undiscovered talent. We audition, evaluate, consult, and award scholarships. Annual cost - $2,500

Talent Nurture

We train and mentor 6 days a week, up to 8 hours a day to perfect technique, instill musicality and artistry, and promote confidence. Annual cost per - $157,000.


We motivate students by celebrating their work through theater performances, competitions, charity and community events participation. Annual cost - $110,000.


We provide highest quality literacy instruction, through a unique teaching methodology to enhance learning focus, motivation, and improved academic and behavioral results in children of low-income families. Annual cost - $29,000


We mentor and guide youth through social and emotional hardship. We motivate them to excel in education and planning for the future. We provide them with further education and career council, and facilitate work placement and community engagement. Annual cost per child - $2,800.

General Operations

We employ high caliber professionals, possessing expertise in arts and academic instruction, creative and individualistic approaches to each child's needs and struggles, business management and planning, advertising and promotion, legal affairs, etc. Annual cost - $343,000.


Your Voice of Confidence and Generosity:

- Help discover the gems in the rough, shape them into the beauty of their inner talent, and present them to all who rejoice in harmony, strength, and confidence...

- Give a Voice of Freedom to children found in financial need, social and emotional hardship, educational and career challenges!

- Bring out self-esteem and self-belief in a young one's own value and abilities to shape their own future.

You make it possible for those of lesser fortune to look into a brighter future...




Shifting Mindsets


Faubourg Theatre - Trinity Santoro, Age 10 - YAGP 2015

Faubourg Theatre, Elisabeth Welsh, Age 11 - YAGP 2016

Faubourg Theatre - Elisabeth Rose Welsh, Age 10 - YAGP 2015

Faubourg Theatre - Chippolino Excerpt

Faubourg Theatre - Grace Davidson, Age 11 - YAGP 2011

Faubourg Theatre - Anna-Julia Ignatov, Age 11 - YAGP 2012