Faubourg Theatre has been producing professional dancers for the US and international ballet and contemporary dance arenas for over 25 years. The School, its Teachers, and its Students have been consistently recognized worldwide by the dance art community through international dance awards. Faubourg dancers have received scholarships to well renowned schools worldwide and have gone on to training and dancing with such companies as American Ballet Theatre, Miami City Ballet, Alvin Ailey, John Cranko of Stuttgart, Princess Grace Academy of Monaco, National Ballet of Canada, Houston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Oklahoma Ballet, Ballet West, Dutch National Opera and Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet to name a few.

Utilizing a targeted custom approach applied within our syllabus, Faubourg School has developed an unique program for developing the potential of each individual dancer, no matter the age or experience. In our Faubourg Family, each individual voice matters as much as any majority. Hence, we have been able to develop confident individuals, not just for the area of dance art, but for every professional arena…

Faubourg Ballet Training Program

Beginner Students, usually ages 3 - 5, are introduced to the art of movement. Classes include basic dance movements and body conditioning. Classes are 60 minutes long. Minimum recommended attendance - 1 hour a week.

Beginner Students, ages 6 and over are introduced to basic ballet technique. The main focus is on posture and simple coordination. The barre work is designed to instill clean technique through thorough repetition of exercises, while maintaining strong posture and body alignment. 1/4, 1/2 and single pirouettes are introduced, as well as basic jumps. Minimum recommended attendance - 4.5 hours per week

Intermediate Students, usually ages 7 and over, who are able to maintain strong posture and turnout with one hand on the barre, are introduced to a more complex body coordination involving the arm and the head. Exercises are executed at a slow pace. Basic single Pirouettes and basic Pettit Allegro jumps are introduced in the centre. Extensions are maintained at 45 degrees.Minimum recommended attendance 3 times a week. Minimum recommended attendance - 9 hours per week.

Intermediate-Advanced Students, usually ages 9 and over, who are able to maintain strong posture and turnout in the centre work. Exercises are executed at a faster pace and more complex coordination is introduced. Maintaining clean technique with strong posture, turnout, correct placement, central line of balance, dynamic eye-line, and basic comprehension of musicality in the centre work is an imperative goal of this level. Grand Pirouettes, Fouettes and more complex Pettit Allegro jumps with beats are introduced in the centre. Extensions are maintained at 90 degrees. Pointe Work is introduced with two hands on the barre. Minimum recommended attendance - 12 hours per week.

Advanced Students, usually 11 years of age and over. Triple Pirouettes are required, double Fouettes are introduced. Centre is executed Sur Les Pointes. Extensions are required above 90 degrees. Emphasis is placed on control, balance, and musicality. Partnering is introduced. Minimum recommended attendance - 20 hours per week.

Pre-professional Students, usually 11 years of age and over. Triple and quadruple Pirouettes en pointe, double Fouettes en pointe, and Italian Fouettes are introduced. More complex Grande Allegro jumps are introduced. Extensions are maintained at full height. More complex Partnering is introduced. Minimum recommended attendance - 20 hours per week.

Company Students, usually 13 years of age and over, who have mastered the previous levels and are able to execute both barre and centre work sur les pointes. More complex and challenging musicality and co-ordination in the execution of movements are mastered. Minimum recommended attendance - 20 hours per week.

Faubourg Ballet School Year-Round Class Schedule



Year-Round Ballet Program is divided into 9 Monthly Sessions. 

  • Full-Time Tuition is calculated on a monthly basis and is collected on the 15th of every month. 
  • Part-Time Tuition is calculated based on the Minimum Recommended Attendance for each level described above.
  • Full-Time Students, who pay 4.5 months in advance, are awarded 10% Discount.
  • Full-Time Students, who pay 9 months in advance, are awarded 20% Discount.

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