Injury Policy

1. When injury occurs: Injured students are encouraged to get a specialist’s opinion as soon as an injury occurs.

2. While injured: Injured students will be allowed to observe class, but not admitted to participate.

3. Permit for resuming classes: Partial attendance due to injury will not be allowed, unless with a permit, which comprises of a doctor’s release and ability of the student to perform 70% of the work. We want to ensure there are no lingering injuries and to facilitate fast healing process with the likelihood of the reoccurrence of that injury being brought down to a minimum.

4. Tuition: Students who obtain a permit to attend class are expected to pay in full for the class taken as stated in the official schedule.

5. Credits: Class Credits due to injuries are given only based on a doctor’s note and encompass the specified period recommended for rest. No monetary refunds are offered as a form of compensation for missed classes.

Our goal is to ensure healthy dancers, avoiding wrong muscle use, which occurs during practicing while injured, and to minimize the period for recovery as much as possible.